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I, too, am new to the Glenn Gould list.  Unlike Donald McCune, I have no
Canadian credentials.

PLUS, I have a little confession.  I am not really a Gould aficionado.  I have
only one Gould CD, a performance of the Bach D Major Partita, the Italian
Concerto, and something else.  It is not my favorite CD.  But I am fascinated
by the following GG has, and have joined to observe something of the reason

I am a piano teacher in Chehalis, Washington (which is about halfway between
Seattle and Portland.)  I went to high school at Interlochen in the mid-
sixties, and there were Gould recordings being played in the dorms at all
times.  I mostly noticed the humming.  Two of my three room-mates there
were Canadian.  The one from Toronto even met Glenn Gould on a train once.
Talked about it every day.

I play lots of Bach.  I like Feltsman recordings though I don't agree
with the phrasing, particularly.

I haven't seen the GG movie yet.  Do you all recommend it??

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