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A couple of interesting bits of news:

1) The f_minor WWW site got a write up in the latest edition of _PMLA_,
the Publication of the Modern Language Association which is a fairly
lofty professional journal for humanities academics.  

2) John Miller from the Glenn Gould Foundation has been phoning founding
members of Friends of Glenn Gould to get their advice and feedback on
the magazine, _GlennGould_ and the possibility of a GG conference in
1999, or 2000 (I put my vote in for the former because the Millennium
activities in Toronto will make lodging nearly impossible to get.)
He encouraged me to ask people to consider joining Friends-- and I
agreed, so here's the address:

	The GG Foundation
	c/o Cultural Support Services
	P.O. Box 190, 260 Adelaide St. East
	Toronto, Ontario M5A 1N1 Canada

Membership enrolls you for a subscription to the magazine.  I know I
said in an earlier post that Sony planned on posting the contents of
the magazine on the net, but according to Miller, there are copyright
issues that seem to make that pronouncement optimistic-- the primary
problem being that _GG_ reproduces images of Gould's transcriptions, scores,
letters, and other rare documents that the estate doesn't seem eager
to disseminate so widely... The Foundation has permission to print a
limited number of CDs of a Gould interview and they're trying to
decide if it's plausible to offer the CD for sale to members (it will
never be released commercially, again for copyright reasons) so if you
join up, or are a member now, you might drop them a line requesting
that they make the CD and other rare Gouldiana available for purchase
by members.

3) Miller also asked me to remind people that when you buy a bootleg
Gould CD, (i.e. anything on a non-Sony or non-CBC label) no profit goes to
Gould's beneficiaries which are The Salvation Army and The Humane
Society and that these are recordings that Gould either forbade released
during his lifetime or were recorded without his consent.  Guilt guilt...

4) Welcome to the new members and to the decloaking lurkers!  Feel
free to start any thread you like regarding GG his ideas, recordings,
or other interests! This is a free forum with only one ground rule: no
flaming.  What do you want to talk about? 

-Mary Jo (heading back to work after the Memorial Day holiday...)