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Re: GG: Little Bach Book

In a message dated 96-06-09 02:01:11 EDT, mwatts writes:

>P.S.-- Anyone heard anything about the rumored Italian Bach CD? <

Hmmmm....  nope!!   I was just in Italy recently (and went nuts looking for
Gould... found a bunch of Music & Arts CDs, to my high delight  :->  )  but
it mainly seemed like the standard Sony Glenn Gould Edition was all that the
stores carried (and they had the boxed sets, rather than single disks, for
the most part.)  There were some Nota Blu pirate releases floating around in
Florence and Milan, but they only had previously released material on them.
 Any word on what will be on the Italian Bach CD?  (I collected addresses and
fax #s from the stores I visited, or at least all of them that said they
would do mail-order to the States.  One in Venice was particularly helpful
and obliging, if expensive.)

As a side note, we are more fortunate than we realize in the States.... the
price of a standard single CD in Italy was 29,000 lira (almost $20.00 US!!
 Yow!!)  The Nota Blu bootlegs were cheaper, but not much  :-<   It was a
bummer, as I coveted all of those disks that weren't available in the US....
 (As a contrast, here in Colorado a full-price CD is $12.99 in most stores...
the imports are usually $14.99.)