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Re: GG: Little Bach Book

At 13:46 09-06-96 -0400, AMRourk@aol.com wrote:

>As a side note, we are more fortunate than we realize in the States.... the
>price of a standard single CD in Italy was 29,000 lira (almost $20.00 US!!
> Yow!!)  The Nota Blu bootlegs were cheaper, but not much  :-<   It was a
>bummer, as I coveted all of those disks that weren't available in the US....
> (As a contrast, here in Colorado a full-price CD is $12.99 in most stores...
>the imports are usually $14.99.)

Ha. Full priced CDs are AUD$30 (about US$24) so perhaps I'll go to Italy to
buy :-) Fortunately, most GG CDs are not full priced here - I typically pay
about AUD$20 for single CDS.

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