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GG: quote


        I recently came across a quote that made me think of GG.  I found it
in (of 
all places), Reader's Digest; a magazine that I have never had a very high
opinion of.

        The quote is by W. Somerset Maugham and is in the "Quotable Quotes"
of the Feb. '96 issue.  

        "Funny thing about life; if you refure to accept anything but the
best, you
         very often get it."

        This made me think of Gould always accepting nothing but perfection
at the piano.  It seems that if you were to try as hard as he did, you would
undeniably end up as great as he was.  
        Anyone who read _The Loser_, can see how Thomas Bernhard crushed
this idea.

        Anyway, it caught my eye; comments?

                                                -------David Daniel