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GG: Elegies

Hi all,

Paraphrasing GG, lately I've been listening to a lot of Bill Evans' CDs
almost obsessively (BTW, one more time, a HUGE thanks to Eric and his
brother). In particular I got an album entitled _You Must Believe in Spring_
(Warner 7599-23504-2) which is really excellent. Well, in the booklet (so to
speak) there is an "Elegy for Bill Evans" by Bill Zavatsky: 

        Music your hands are no longer her to make
        Still breaks against my ear, still shakes my heart.
        Then I feel that I am still before you.
        You bend above your shadow on the keys
        That tremble at your touch or crystallize,
        Water forced to concentrate. In meditation
        You close your eyes to see yourself more clearly.

        Now you know the source of sound,
        The element bone and muscle penetrate
        Hoping to bring back beauty.
        Hoping to catch what lies beyond our reach,
        You hunted with your fingertips.
        My life you found, and many other lives
        Which traveled through your hands upon their journey.
        Note by note we followed in your tracks, like
        Hearing the rain, eyes closed to feel more deeply.
        We stood before the mountains of your touch.
        The sunlight and the shade you carried us
        We drank, tasting our bitter lives more sweetly
        From the spring of song that never stops its kiss.

I think that it would be perfectly right also for GG.
With regard to Elegies, our valued list manager made a fascinating
hypermedia project on a John Donne's manuscript held by Rutgers University.
It contains "Love's Progress", an unidentified "Sonnet", and variants from
the printed version of the 18th Elegy.
In order to see it you have to download a program called Panorama for
Windows, which works in conjunction with your web browser but, definitely,
it's worth while. The URL is (there you will also find a link to get
Panorama free):



P.S. I've decided to make a trip across Germany this summer. I planned to
visit some music related "holy place" like Eisenach, Leipzig, Dresden,
Bayreuth and Ludwig's castles in Bavaria. I will travel by car and I'd like
to get some tips about these places. I mean something special to see, good
hotels, and/or other suggestions about travelling Germany.  All replies will
be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail to: gordiani@torino.alpcom.it