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Re: Orlando Gibbons

    In the Consort of Musicke, I always felt Gould played The Italian Ground
    with a different sort of passion. 

I too very much enjoy those pieces.

    if anyone has seen anything perhaps unpublished which sheds some
    more light on his feelings towards the Tudor composers.

Nope, haven't read anything unpublished :-). Maybe there's scraps in his
inimitable handwriting in the boxes in Ottawa (``Gibbons, yes!'' or some
such :-), but I wouldn't count on it.

   Was a performance of Byrd or Gibbons ever filmed and if so, where
   does it exist?

On the Sony videos, there's one segment of him doing a *vocal* on an
early music piece. Very amusing. And he performs the Sweelinck (in fact,
the Sweelinck on the CD is from that very same performance, I believe).
Don't think Byrd or Gibbons figure in, though.

Probability says that in all his zillions of TV programs he must have
done a piece or two by them, but since Bruno didn't include them, you're
stuck unless you get permission from the GG foundation and go to Ottawa
to look at the videos, or until Sony comes out with the Complete GG on Video,
instead of just the Collected GG on video ...