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GG:Unpublished video

You can get copies of the stuff GG did for CBC T.V. or radio by writing to a
specific office there for copyright permission and then the NLC will
copy that video for free as long as you supply the tape.  Write the
NLC for more details.  I think the CBC will copy stuff for a charge.
The Gould Estate doesn't have anything to do with the copy process
because Glenn Gould, LTD. doesn't own the copyrights.  The Glenn Gould
Foundation has nothing to do with any of Gould's work, rights, or
anything-- it's a posthumous resource for the spreading of things Glenn. 

-Mary Jo

P.S. sorry about the bogus subscribe messages.  A hard drive on the
server at Rutgers crashed and it's been chaos.  Luckily, nothing else
with the list seems to have been effected.