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Re: GG: 12 Tone Fans

In message <3$5W4AAWnW4xEw4E@music.demon.co.uk>, Neil Tingley
<neil@music.demon.co.uk> writes
>For an facsinating and very valid contrast try
>and find Shura Cherkassky's version on Hermitage taken from a recital he
>gave in the mid sixties.

Neil, Don't you think this is altogether a most enjoyable disc? I love
the Mendelssohn that opens it. Ermitage is a really interesting label: I
just got the Cathy Berberian recital and a Michelangeli Chopin disc from
Berkshire Record Outlet. Both worth having BTW.

I tried to ring you last evening. Give me a bell on 0171-435-8140 if you
fancy a chinwag some time.
Richard Landau