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GG's playing "erotic" ? (quote from Mary Jo)

I have never read any review or analysis calling GG's playing "erotic."
The "32 Short Films" reference to Gould's intense 'physical involvement 
with music. It was also discussed in the postumous biography, when a 
contributor to the author's material half-jokingly states that one felt 
one shouldn't be watching him play, as it seemed like an intrusion upon 
two lovers. This much is documented, but his playing always sounded 
"chaste" and even in such sensual pieces as Scriabin's reviwers called 
his performances  "understated."
The problem with the comment that GG's playing was "erotic" misses the 
point: it was his complete involvement with music, including a physical 
response. This response has been expressed by other musicians, including 
the violinist Midori, the soprano Cecilia Bartolli, and others. They each 
said essentially the same thing: that music gave them fulfillment that 
obviated the necessity for any other physical "satisfaction."
It is difficult for persons not acknowledged as musically gifted to 
comprehend that one can be a red-blooded musician who expresses his 
physicality through his art.