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GG:12 tone

I don't know whether it is the sort of music MJ is refering to
when talking about atonal music, but I got to love a piece by
Penderezki (sorry, I might have got the spelling wrong). It is
dedicated to the victims of Hiroshima. By accident, when I was
a child I recorded the piece. Since I had some spare minutes left on
the tape, I squeezed in tightly afterwards the Liszt Liebestraum.
Subsequently, when listening to the tape, I found the transition
between these two pieces was like taking an enormous weight of
the shoulders. I couldn't stop listening any more.

That broke the barrier to "weird" music. Later I got Gould
playing Schoenberg. I found that there is some potential to fall in 
love with this music. But I have to admit, when I have to choose
between Bach and Schoenberg (both played by Gould) I prefer Bach.
Can anybody tell me why?