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Re: GG: Signature

    Keyboardists among us: do you find that your dominant
    side has an effect on your playing?  Did you have to overcome
    dominance of the right or left hand as you learned to play?

I'm just a novice, but I absolutely do have this problem.  I haven't
overcome it :-(.

In fact, I think this is one of the things that distinguishes
accomplished keyboardists from others -- GG himself wrote once about
this, as I recall. Some pianist who was working with a medium who got
messages from beyond the grave from Liszt or Beethoven or whoever about
how their pieces ``should'' be played. The medium herself did some
(easier) pieces, and enlisted the aid of this other person to do the
harder stuff. GG could tell which parts were being played by the left
hand and which by the right; as you can imagine, he was less than
enthralled, being the master of voice separation that he is ...
The article is reprinted in the GG Reader.