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GG: Left & Right Balance

At 06:43 PM 7/13/96, K. Berry wrote:
>    Keyboardists among us: do you find that your dominant
>    side has an effect on your playing?  Did you have to overcome
>    dominance of the right or left hand as you learned to play?

I can remember as a kid when I was playing Bach and other contrapuntal 
composers, if there was something like a row of sixteenth notes played
in the left hand, my fourth and fifth fingers would fly up in the air
while my third, second, and thumb were playing the fast notes.  (This
was much to my distress and to the comic enjoyment of my teacher.)  

I never had any kind of problem like this with my right hand (I'm right-
handed).  Eventually after a few grueling Czerny exercises, my left hand
was able to stay flat.  As far as I have seen, left handed pianists have
never had this problem with their right hand. 

I heard somewhere that all great concert pianists *should* be left handed.