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The Maestro: Gould fictional character

This title is a work of juvenile fiction, author
Tim Wynne-Jones, published in Canada by Douglas and
McIntyre, 1995. It  came to my attention without reference to Gould,
as the winner of a top Canadian literary prize for
children's lit.

The plot turns on the intense relationship formed
between Burl, a troubled 14 year old boy,  and Nathaniel
Gow,  a 50ish eccentric pianist and conductor.  They
meet in the deep North Ontario bush, where Gow has built a
music studio by an isolated lake.  Gow despises live
performance, and speaks a close dialect of the Gouldian
philosophy of technology in music.   But his drive is
to be a great composer, and is obsessed by the most
unlikely of sources:  the book of Revelation set
in form of grand oratorio.    More of the plot I
leave for interested readers to discover on their own.

I'll close by saying The Maestro got great reviews
from my 10 year old son, with whom I read the book
in parallel.

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