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Re: GG's performances of his own works?

At 07.06 17/07/96 -0700, Christy Leung wrote:
>I recently picked up an album of Gould's compositions on the Sony 
>Classical label, which consists of the Lieberson Madrigal, the String 
>Quartet Op. 1, 2 pieces for piano, Sonata for Bassoon and Piano, an 
>unfinished Piano Sonata and "So You Want to Write a Fugue?".  I was 
>wondering if anybody knows of any recordings, on video or audio, of the 
>piano sonata, bassoon sonata and 2 pieces for piano done by Gould 
>himself.  Can anyone help me?


According to Friedrich's biograpy, a live recording of the "Bassoon Sonata"
(1951, Royal Conservatory, Toronto) should exist in the Gould archive. See
the chapter entitled _The Composer_ which relates a funny anecdote about
that concert told by his partner, the bassoonist Nicholas Kilburn.
On that same occasion Gould also played his "Five Short Piano Pieces"...
Don't tell anybody, but these two works seem perfect to fill a standard GG
Edition CD :-)