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GG: Gould fiction

I've got to get a hold of this children's book!  It sounds wonderful.  Anyone
know anything about the author?  It's a (fairly) obscure bit of Gould trivia
that GG was (according to his cousin Jessie I think) fascinated with
the book of Revelation and had at one time thought of writing that
oratorio!  What an odd but delightful detail to put into the story.
Thanks for the tip, Michael.

Does anyone have any opinions as to why Gould makes such good fiction?
He's a great 20th century mythic archetype of some sort(s).
I've just started to read Bruno Monsaingeon's _Non, je ne suis pas de
tout un excentrique_ with his fictionalized GG "videoconference"-- a sort
of montage a la Gould of various interviews, etc.  Very interesting
reading-- highly recommended.  I guess Gould fictionalized himself so
well, it's inevitable that others would follow.  

(By the way, the Monsaingeon contains what has won my title as the
weirdest photo of GG.  He's examining his left hand which he's
soaking in a sink (a fairly usual Gould scenario) but under the pin-up of a
nude woman-- her bottom right at his head.  Other photos reveal that
the mirror at the sink is framed with nude shots and it looks like
maybe Don Hunstein took the photos during the _Glenn Gould On the
Record_ shoot.  Some of the photos from the role are well-known and
closer cropped, of course.)  

-Mary Jo