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GG: technical advice

I found yet another charming feature of the software that powers f_minor
(after a year, you'd think I'd have caught them all!)

When you subscribe, the f_minor software (majordomo) seeks out your true
e-mail address.  Many, maybe even most of you have e-mail aliases.  For ex. I
have an address that everyone calls mjwatts@princeton.edu.  In reality, that
account is mjwatts@phoenix.princeton.edu, with the computer name "hidden" for
ease of use.  I may subscribe as mjwatts@princeton.edu but majordomo calls me

This is why many of you will have trouble unsubscribing on your own.  You
must unsubscribe using the computer address that majordomo has expanded your
address to in order to expediate delivery.  You can check your address by
sending mail to majordomo@email.rutgers.edu with the phrase "f_minor who" in
the body (no quotation marks of course.) This will give you a list of
members-- scroll through to find yourself, or ask my help if you're unsure
and want to check.  

As always, if you need help or have questions, e-mail me.

-Mary Jo Watts,