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GG: How did Gould play?

dtate wrote on Usenet:

> In article <13140@aggie.ucdavis.edu> ccmnate@deneb.ucdavis.edu () writes:
> >I am interested to hear what you folks her have to say about Glenn
> >Gould as a pianist.  How does he compare with other pianists?  How does
> >he interpret pieces like the Goldberg Variations?  The Well Tempered
> >Clavier?
> >I am primarily interested in specifics, because I am considering writing
> >a paper on his performing style, and I would like to see if there is
> >enough to say about him to warrant a whole paper.
> Friend, there's enough to warrant a three-volume hardcover edition...

The first volume of which is:

 Author:         Hagestedt, Jens, 1958-
 Title:          Wie spielt Glenn Gould? : Zu einer Theorie der 
 Published:      Munchen : P. Kirchheim, c1991.

 SUBJECT HEADINGS (Library of Congress; use s=):
                 Gould, Glenn--Criticism and interpretation.
                 Piano music--Interpretation (Phrasing, dynamics, etc.).
  LOCATION:              CALL NUMBER:              
  MUSIC                  ML 417 .G69 H14 1991     

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