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[rpr@llnl.gov (Rick Ratowsky): Re: GG: technical advice]

Thanks, Rick!

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To: Mary Jo Watts <mwatts@rci.rutgers.edu>
From: rpr@llnl.gov (Rick Ratowsky)
Subject: Re: GG: technical advice

>This is why many of you will have trouble unsubscribing on your own.  You
>must unsubscribe using the computer address that majordomo has expanded your
>address to in order to expediate delivery.  You can check your address by
>sending mail to majordomo@email.rutgers.edu with the phrase "f_minor who" in
>the body (no quotation marks of course.) This will give you a list of
>members-- scroll through to find yourself, or ask my help if you're unsure
>and want to check.

Technical correction to minimize frustration:  should be "who f_minor"
rather than "f_minor who"