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Re: GG: 1954 Goldbergs

> > I'm certain this topic must've been discussed before, but since I'm 
> > relatively new to the list I'll risk bad form and raise it again. Does 
> > anyone have an opinion of the 1954 CBC broadcast of GG performing the 
> > Goldbergs, released last year? 
> I never heard of this recording before; I don't think it is for sale over 
> here in Europe. 
> Is there a big difference between this 1954 CBC recording and the 
> Salzburg recital (1959, Sony SMK 52685)?
> Reinout.
Yes Reinout, 

as far as I know you're right. In Europe there are just three 
recordings of Bach's Goldberg variations by GG available, from 1955, 
1959 and 1981. The difference between 1981 and the two early ones is 
quite remarkable. I think the style of the 1954 recording will be 
close to the other early recordings. Maybe anyone in the States can 
tell us.