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Re: GG: 1954 Goldbergs

>> > I'm certain this topic must've been discussed before, but since I'm 
>> > relatively new to the list I'll risk bad form and raise it again. Does 
>> > anyone have an opinion of the 1954 CBC broadcast of GG performing the 
>> > Goldbergs, released last year? 
>> I never heard of this recording before; I don't think it is for sale over 
>> here in Europe. 
>> Is there a big difference between this 1954 CBC recording and the 
>> Salzburg recital (1959, Sony SMK 52685)?
>> Reinout.
>Yes Reinout, 
>as far as I know you're right. In Europe there are just three 
>recordings of Bach's Goldberg variations by GG available, from 1955, 
>1959 and 1981. The difference between 1981 and the two early ones is 
>quite remarkable. I think the style of the 1954 recording will be 
>close to the other early recordings. Maybe anyone in the States can 
>tell us.

Reinout & Sander,

If I well remember (I lent the CD last Christmas and I'm still waiting its
return) this performance reminds the '57 live but it's a bit slower, it
lasts five or six minutes more than the Salzburg recording.

You can easily purchase this CD from Europe through the Canadian
Broadcasting Corporation's website: <http://radioworks.cbc.ca/>.
I received the order in less than a month and, believe me, for the Italian
Postal Service this is a world record :-)
There you can also get the beautiful Solitude Trilogy and other GG recordings.