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Re: GG: Siefried Idyll

At 17.45 11/08/96 +0000, David Daniel wrote:
>Was Gould's piano transcription of Wagner's Siegfried Idyll
>ever published?  If not, is there any other way for me to get ahold of the 
>Thanks in advance.

Hi David,

I can't say it for sure but I don't think that this transcription has been
published till now. Anyway, the Director of the Institute for Canadian Music
Carl Morey is editing Gould's composition for publication by B. Schott's
Sohne in Mainz, Germany (note: I didn't write the _umlaut_ over the "o" in
Sohne because f_minor software doesn't support extended characters).

The first volume of Morey's edition, which includes the Two Pieces for Piano
and the Five Short Piano Pieces, has been published last year.
You can read an interesting article by Carl Morey about his work on the
first issue of the Glenn Gould Magazine (Fall 1995), which is published by
the GG Foundation (see the F_Minor Home Page to get more infos about it).
In the next issue (Fall 1996) there will be an article by Gould himself
about his piano transcriptions of Wagner's orchestral works.