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GG Goldbergs 54

I don't understand why you guys keep talking about wheather the 1954
Goldbergs are available in Europe or not! Why do you do that? Nowadays it
doesn't matter if the stores in different countries carry the discs or not.
You just order the CD's yourself, of course.

These particular discs - there are more than just the 1954 Goldbergs with
Gould - are available from CBC Records in Canada. They have their on site
on the WWW. I just ordered by e-mail and sent my VISA-number by fax, and in
a week I had the CD's. The ones you can get from the CBC are:

1) The Solitude Triology (3-CD set with radio documentaries by Glenn Gould)
(rec 1967, 1969 and 1977) (PSCD 2003-3)

2) Glenn Gould Plays Bach (PSCD 2005) (Very beautiful recordings of for
instance the fifth partita) (rec. 1952, 1954 and 1955)

3) The Goldberg Variations and more (rec 1952 and 1954) (PSCD 2007)

4) Gould plays Schoenberg, Berg and Webern (rec. 1952 and 1954) (PSCD 2008)

5) Gould plays Beethoven (rec. 1952 and 1955) (PSCD 2004)

The numbers look different on WWW, but that doesn't matter.

You can find all you need at:


and at:


and at:


CBC fax number is: International Switchboard - 14162052376

CBC telephone is: International Switchboard 14167-205-3498

There is a very nice lady at CBC handling orders; Alida Pacitti.

If you need the snail mail addres, it is:

CBC Records
P.O. Box 500, Station A
Canada M5W 1E6

E-mail is: cbcrecords@toronto.cbc.ca

I live in Sweden, and I never had any problems getting anything from
anywhere. I never buy anything in the stores here, because either they
don't carry it, or it is way to expensive. Importing yourself is the best
and cheapest way, believe me!

Please send me som reactions, and tell me how it all worked out for you!


Endast det sämsta är dåligt nog/Only the worst is bad enough/Seulement le
pire est suffisamment mauvais/Ancak en kotusu, yeterli kotu/Nur das
schlechteste ist schlecht genug/Csak a legrosszab a rossz/Kaikkein huonoin
on tarpeeksi huono/Somente o pior é suficientemente ruim/Solo lo peor es
suficientemente malo/solo il peggio è male abbastanza/Alleen het slechtste
is slecht genoeg