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Looking for piano competition for young pianists.

Dear Gouldian:
	I am looking for a piano competition for my son.  His name is 
Eric Sun and is 8 years old.  In June, he won the first place (Group I 
-- age 9 and younger)in the 11th Annual Chiang Wen-Yen International 
Young Artist Piano Compitition in D.C.  He played "Rumors De La Caleta" 
by Issac Albeniz.  In the pass one year, he learned GG styles to play J. 
S. Bach, the 12 Short Prelude and Fuge.  He is just finished "God Saves 
King" seven variations by Beethoven.  Due to his small hand but fast 
learning ability, now he is working on Chopin's Etudes Op.25 No.6.  He 
has perfect pitch and loves musics.  I like to encourage my son and 
making him feel worthwhile for the time used in piano.  Frequent 
competitions may provide him a short-term goals. Please e-mail me, if 
you know somewhere is going to have one or share your experience how to 
encourge and keep a potential child going.  Thanking you in advance. 

E-mail address: Casper@bnl.gov