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Re: Looking for piano competition for young pianists.

Hi Casper,

I thought that you (and maybe some other list member) might be interested in
the following New-List Announcement.
Best Regards,



PNO-PED-L on Majordomo@earth.ColState.EDU

   PNO-PED-L, a public, unmoderated mailing list devoted to
   discussion of issues related to the field of Piano Pedagogy.
   Any topic of concern in the field of piano teaching from A
   to Z would be appropriate and welcomed on this list. Topics
   such as teaching methods and materials, repertoire and
   technical exercises, both in general or at specific levels
   (beginning through advanced), learning styles, educational
   philosophies, even studio policies and procedures would be
   welcomed on PNO-PED-L. Discussion of the history of piano
   pedagogy, various schools of piano playing, famous
   pedagogues of the past and present would be highly appropriate.
   Ideas, announcements and information of a non-commercial nature
   which would be of concern to those interested in the field
   of piano pedagogy would be most welcomed.

   Participation of the following groups is encouraged:
   Professional teachers and pianists, university piano pedagogy
   and performance majors, and others seriously interested in the
   field of PIANO PEDAGOGY.

   To subscribe to Pno-Ped-L send the following command to
   Majordomo@earth.ColState.EDU in the body of e-mail:


   Owner:  Steve Clark <Clark_Steve@ColState.EDU>