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Some GG Questions

Dear Everyone,

I have a few questions that I suspect list members will be able to answer.

        1.      I have never seen any recordings of GG playing
                Scarlatti. Did he? If not, why not?

        2.      Bach Sonatas for Violin & Harpsichord (BWV
                1014 - 1019) and for Viola da gamba and
                Harpsichord (BWV 1027 - 1029) are on Sony.
                I have read that GG only recorded these to
                fulfil a contract and that the recording reflects
                this. What is the performance like?

        3.      Amongst the first Bach I heard played by GG were
                the Preludes and Fughettas and the Nine Little
                Preludes -- the miniatures now collected
                together on Sony CB792 (at least in the 2 disc
                version I have). GG returned to these a few years
                before his death and they do seem to be a distillation
                of his art. Does anyone think that GG had a particular
                feeling for these miniatures and thought that
                he had previously not done them justice?

Looking forward to your help.

- regards,    Alun Severn

11:25 pm


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