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Re: Some GG Questions

At 21.14 18/08/96 +0000, Alun Severn wrote:
>Dear Everyone,
>I have a few questions that I suspect list members will be able to answer.
>        1.      I have never seen any recordings of GG playing
>                Scarlatti. Did he? If not, why not?


According to Friedrich's bio in 1968 GG recorded four Scarlatti's Sonatas.
Three of them (L.413, L.463, L.486) have been released on the _The GG Silver
Jubilee Album_, whereas the L.465 is still in the CBS archive. 
In the Monsaingeon's _Non, je ne suis pas du tout un excentrique_ there is a
brief but interesting analysis of Scarlatti's work made by GG. If you
understand Italian language let me know and I will send you a copy of that page.


Some suggestion for Mary Jo to make up her own joke:
Sir G.G. Stokes was a British physicist who gave his name to the unit of
kinematic viscosity which is abbreviated in St.
Or maybe... _J_ust _G_rabbed the _St_upid _R_oad-Runner! :-)