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GG in Yehudi Menuhin PBS TV documentary

Tonight, we in Los Angeles were treated to a "Special," which is one of many 
devices used during Pledge Week as an appeal for more subscribers to Public 
Broadcasting. The 2-hr long program, including Pledge breaks, is called 
"The Violin of the Century," a documentary of the career of YM. GG and YM 
were musical collaborators, possessed a fond mutual regard, and were 
linked in books and articles as well. GG was asked to write a piece for
"Musical America" for a special edition celebrating YM's 60th birthday around

So, it was with hopeful anticipation that I expected to see GG in the 
documentary at least in passing. I was rewarded when about 90 mins. into 
the program YM is shown first performing the opening segment of Beethoven's 
10th Sonata with a very mature Wilhelm Kempf, followed by the same music with 
a very handsome GG in his late-thirties as the pianist. 

YM's comment was to the effect that GG was in another realm. This was apparent:
GG, in concert dress, hair not just in disarray from head movements, but 
downright uncombed, his playing reflecting supreme love for the music (we all
know how he could mockingly play works he despised).  But, most importantly 
were YM's tender and affectionate further comments. He called GG a 
"mystic," referred to Kemp's playing of the piece as uninvolved, and 
ended by calling GG "divine." I loved it! Don't miss this. Even if you 
are not a particular admirer of YM, catch the moments of it when GG plays.