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Re: GG: IDEAS is out!

I must second Mary Jo's recommendation.  Although consisting of mostly
previously released material, _Images_ does include works by Scarlatti
and CPE Bach for the first time in cd format.  I especially love the
caricatures in the booklet.  Alter egos of GG are also well represented. ;) 
I also bought it for $23. Not a bad deal considering its 2 CD and roughly
135 minutes of music.

enjoy the music,

On Wed, 21 Aug 1996, Mary Jo Watts wrote:

> Sony's new release _Glenn Gould Images_ is out.  Billed as "A
> Collector's Item" it's a 2 CD set ["Glenn Gould Plays Bach" and "Glenn Gould 
> plays Not Bach"] in cardboard (no jewel box) with a 35 page booklet with 
> photos and caricatures (most of them I've never seen before).  The cover is 
> the former f_minor "cover" photo with GG at the window, hands over head.  The 
> booklet is amusing-- really clever with photos theme captioned.  I won't 
> spoil the contents of the booklet except to say that the "Off the record/On 
> the Record" is a great photo of GG busting a gut with Roxolana Roslak on one 
> side and their stern 'Marienleben' LP cover on the other. My copy was 23$
> The contents of the CD's were listed earlier...
> Get it!
> Best,
> Mary Jo