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I am new to F_Minor and the Internet so I hope you'll forgive any
breeches of etiquette until I learn the ropes.  Just a little background-
I am not a professional musician or even a gifted amateur(much to my
regret)- just a great lover of music.  I discovered GG the early part of
this year when I saw the film "32 Short Films about GG" followed by
GG playing the first movement of Beethoven"s fifth concerto.  I was
absolutely mesmerized.  Fortunately for me I had to go to Toronto in
the Spring so was able to pick up several Cd's, videos and books re
GG. There are only a few record stores in Bermuda and they cater mostly
to popular music, hence no GG available.

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't listen to or view a tape ofGG.
Strangely, or maybe not so, I am not in the least put out by his 
mannerisms at the keyboard.  Whenever I listen to music I often sing,
hum or wave my arms about.  It only enhances the involvement with 
the music.  

Just a few questions.  Does anyone know where I can get a copy of
the Hymns and Anthems of Orlando Gibbons by the Deller Consort? If
not by them, than by anybody else. I want to find out why GG was so
fascinated by this man's music and why he singled him out over his
contemporary, William Byrd.  Any theories?  Also I am going to be in
London in two weeks time and would like to know what and where are
the best classical music stores in the greater London area?  Are GG
CD's and videos readily available?

Thanks for any help you may give.

Regards, Marilyn