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Eugene Selig said (amongst other insightful things):

     >              GG's FAVORITE composer was Orlando Gibbons,
     >              the English Tudor composer.

I enjoyed Eugene's informative post and it reminded me that I had seen
something of GG's which included Gibbons and wasn't even aware who or which
or what "Gibbons" it referred to. So thanks for the illumination. It does
seem somehow characteristic that GG should choose an obscure early English
composer, and claim that this is the composer with "whom he most
identifies". True, do you think, or mischievous? I shall look some out.

On a related theme, what do people think of GG as a Mozartian? I see that
Sony has a 4 x CD set of "complete piano sonatas" but it costs (in the UK)
some L35.00. I was interested to see that GG recorded so much Mozart; in
fact, I had always thought that the majority of GG's recorded work was
Bach, but this isn't the case, I don't think. For those of you who want to
try and check this out, there is a very nice Sony catalog of GG called "THE
GG EDITION" available (certainly in the UK) from: Sony Classical, 10 Great
Marlborough Street, LONDON W1V 2LP; Tel +44 (0)171 911 8200. They certainly
sent me one when I rang them recently.

- regards,    Alun

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