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GG:Orlando G.

I don't think GG was being at all tongue-in-cheek by stating that
Orlando Gibbons was his favorite composer. Listen to the Allemande
Italian Ground [available on Images, and the Consort of Musicke CD]--
IMHO 1:53 minutes of pure Gouldian ecstasy.  I find the anthems he
loved so much haunting (and a profound influence on the Solitude
Trilogy.) The Deller Consort recording I have is very good and it's on
Victrola Records LP VICS-1551 and it's entitled _Thy Celestial
State_. I also quite like the Gibbons Anthems sung by the Clerkes of 
Oxenford-- two volume LP set on the Nonesuch label Catalogue #'s
H-71391 [Vol 1] and H-71374 [Vol 2]. I don't know if they're available
on CD but you could likely order them through: 

The Princeton Record Exchange  
20 S. Tulane St.
Princeton, NJ 08542
Tel. (609) 921-0881 

I believe they ship all over the world and I've managed to collect
about 80 GG LPs through them including the Silver Jubilee LP, The
Concert Dropout LP, the organ Art of the Fugue, the Harpsichord Handel,
some bootlegs, etc. and other Gould relevent recordings such as the
Gibbons, and two versions of Karajan's Sibelius 5th, etc. I should
also add that I've never paid more than $8 US for ANY of the
Gould stuff, including the boxed sets like _Glenn Gould Plays
Bach_. The Gibbons LPs were $3 US a piece. The 1st Goldbergs in the orig. cover
was I think 4$, the 2nd Goldbergs on LP run approx. 2$.  I found
buying the LPs was a good way to get the GG catalogue very inexpensively.
[Plus you get the great packaging and ALL the humming, creeking,
clicking and moaning!] Is it just me or do the CD's sometimes seem to strip
away that Gould ping-- the crispness?

-Mary Jo