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GG: Gibbons and a certain English conservative privacy(?)


Excited to hear of your first listening to GG's Byrd/ Gibbons. Yes, there
is a private, monastic aura to it. 

For you and anyone else interested, please give the Salisbury Pavan a good
listen. Incredibly beautiful. It's always been such a solemn and revelatory
piece for me. I always brace for that "one excruciatingly expressive
instance of an alto G-natural at odds with a G-sharp in the tenor..."
(taken from GG's original liner notes from the CBS LP of the same name. You
also can find this in Tim Page's "GG Reader".) 

For anyone without the book or the recording, G likens Gibbons
tempermentally to the "introspective" Gustav Mahler, Byrd to a more
"flamboyant" Richard Strauss.