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Re: GG plays Byrd & Gibbons

>The Italian Ground is revelatory -- GG at his most ecstatic, inward,
>entranced: qualities I thought only existed in GG's finest Bach recordings.
>Listening to the Italian Ground last night I had the same feeling as when I
>first heard GG -- the feeling that this was not only amazing piano playing,
>but a fiercely intelligent performance which (as I have read somewhere of
>GG's Bach playing) defies you to question its style or aesthetic...

The Italian Ground Rules! I am considering using GG's recording of it in place of the standard wedding march when I get married (someday). I guess I'll have to pick a hall with a long entryway so the recording has time to get to the really good stuff. Either that, or I'll have to make it an extremely leisurely stroll down the aisle... :-)
Regards, Kristen.


"I've never had to work very hard convincing myself of a hereafter. After all, don't you think it seems infinitely more plausible than its opposite... oblivion?"   -Glenn Gould