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Gould and literature

There?s an interesting sentence from Friedrich?s "A Life and...", p.286,
mentioning Gould?s interest in Thomas Mann?s writings. The line reads:

"... (Gould was in the process of discovering Thomas Mann)."

I?ve been trying to find any references Gould made to literature in
general and Thomas Mann in particular in different sources, but I?ve
only come up with some passing remarks. For example, in the "Glenn Gould
Reader", in the article "A Hawk, a Dove..." p.143?144, Gould relates to
the Mann - Schoenberg misunderstanding concerning the 12-tone concept of
the novel "Doctor Faustus". In Cott?s "Conversations with Glenn Gould",
p.106, Gould is talking about his convalescence in Hamburg as his "Hans
Castorp period."

Apart from these fleeting remarks, I could only find Gould mentioning
Mann by name. This also goes for most authors, like Borges, Kafka and
Hesse. Does anyone in F_Minor know of any other, and hopefully more
substantial, remarks on literature made by Gould.

Also, in the "descriptive catalogue" there is a list, a rtaher short
one, of books found in Goulds library. There is remark preceding the
inventory, explaining that the list only gives a general idea of Gould?s
book collection. Does anyone have a complete list?