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Re: Gould and literature

On the NLC site there is a transcript of a round table discussion where
John Roberts (one of GG's best friends) chats at length about GG and
_Dr. Faustus_ saying that GG'd embraced this novel (I'm guessing over
and above _The Last Puritan_.)  I can't remeber all the details but
here's the URL:


-Mary Jo

Jvrgen Lundmark wrote:
> Theres an interesting sentence from Friedrichs "A Life and...", p.286,
> mentioning Goulds interest in Thomas Manns writings. The line reads:
> "... (Gould was in the process of discovering Thomas Mann)."
> Ive been trying to find any references Gould made to literature in
> general and Thomas Mann in particular in different sources, but Ive
> only come up with some passing remarks. For example, in the "Glenn Gould
> Reader", in the article "A Hawk, a Dove..." p.143144, Gould relates to
> the Mann - Schoenberg misunderstanding concerning the 12-tone concept of
> the novel "Doctor Faustus". In Cotts "Conversations with Glenn Gould",
> p.106, Gould is talking about his convalescence in Hamburg as his "Hans
> Castorp period."
> Apart from these fleeting remarks, I could only find Gould mentioning
> Mann by name. This also goes for most authors, like Borges, Kafka and
> Hesse. Does anyone in F_Minor know of any other, and hopefully more
> substantial, remarks on literature made by Gould.
> Also, in the "descriptive catalogue" there is a list, a rtaher short
> one, of books found in Goulds library. There is remark preceding the
> inventory, explaining that the list only gives a general idea of Goulds
> book collection. Does anyone have a complete list?
> Wrote
> Jvrgen