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Re[2]: GG: The Firebird that is creativity...

     Whoops, try sending to the whole group...
     Now, I'm not saying that these radio docs were a cop-out or a=
     gimmick, far from it. I think these programs only prove to greater 
     extent= the talent and creativity Gould really possessed; he obviously 
     heard the= world much differently than I, yet through his 
     understanding of the= technical medium he was able to reconstruct 
     small samples of what it would= be like to hear the world much as he 
     heard it. Not only are the pieces= soothing and hypnotic for their 
     content, they are a marvel because they= allow the listener to hear 
     what Gould heard, and understand what was in his= heart. Quite a gift 
     to give the listener.
     For some reason, this comment reminds me of growing up in Buffalo, NY, 
     and thereby absorbing the radio ethos of Canada. Not sure where it 
     comes from, but I feel that the Canadians have a great respect and 
     reverence for the airwaves, for the medium of radio, for acoustic 
     landscapes. My Dad made a career of listening to CBC programs, still 
     does. Totally makes sense to me that Gould reveled in The Idea of 
     North and the like. Seeing _32 Short Films..._ was sort of a 
     homecoming for me.
     Add to that the fact that I visited Lake Simcoe as a kid, where my 
     oldest brother lost a pair of glasses. Yow.