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Re: Re[2]: GG: The Firebird that is creativity...

James Strzelec wrote:

>     Another question: what do subscribers of this list go to when they're 
>     done (temporarily, of course) tapping Gould's mine? What music follows 
>     easily after Gould, if you know what I mean?...more Gould...

I agree: more GG. But after that I find all other pianists 
unlistenable-to. It's either silence or a complete musical break. 10cc 
(anyone remember them?) or the Don Cossack Choir, depending on mood. I 
think it's got to be something with voice in it because GG's 'voice' (not 
his humming) came over so strongly in most of his recordings. You need 
another dose of strong, individual, immediately-recognisable character -- 
and the voice does that best; unless you are GG, and then you can do it 
with your piano.

In practice I usually switch from the CD to the radio and listen to ABC

>     Finally, has anyone heard Angela Hewitt, who records on Hyperion? 
>     She's a new Canadian pianist on the scene, possibly the spiritual 
>     successor to Gould. I've heard her Inventions and Symphonia, and I've 
>     been quite impressed. I'd sure like to hear her rumble through the Art 
>     of the Fugue, or the WTK.

I always thought AH was a Brit. Shows how wrong you can be. Haven't heard 
her. Regards,

Tim Conway