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GG: Glenn who??

Just thought some of you might like to know that there's an article on our
friend Morton Gould in the Microsoft Encarta 96 Encyclopedia.  'fraid GG
didn't make it.

Gould, Morton (1913- ), American composer, known for works using themes
from folk music, spirituals, and jazz. He was born in Richmond Hill, New
York. Gould worked as a pianist, performing on the radio, and directed a
radio program of light classical music. His earlier works, such as
Spirituals (1941), for orchestra, and the ballet score Fall River Legend
(1948), are based on clear harmonies and formal structures. His later works
are more abstract and complex. Venice (1967), written for double orchestra
and bands, echoes 17th-century Venetian music in its contrapuntal
techniques and divided orchestra (see Counterpoint; Orchestra). Gould
composed music for Broadway shows such as Million Dollar Baby (1945),
Hollywood motion pictures, and television productions such as Verdun
(1963), World War I (1964-1965), and Holocaust (1978). He also wrote
several concertos. As a conductor, Gould toured Australia (1979), Mexico
(1980), and Israel (1981). He received a Kennedy Center Honors Award in
1994 for lifetime achievement in the performing arts.