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Re: GG: Glenn who??

At 3:04 AM 1/25/97, Joseph Podlesnik wrote:
>Just thought some of you might like to know that there's an article on our
>friend Morton Gould in the Microsoft Encarta 96 Encyclopedia.  'fraid GG
>didn't make it.

Ah yes, but on the "Our Times" interactive cd encyclopaedia (a very good cd, by the way) Glenn Gould is the official icon of "cultural happenings" for the year 1956. He has a really good bio, a few cross-references (I believe to Lennie and Casals) and a nice photo. Hooray for "Our Times."


"I've never had to work very hard convincing myself of a hereafter. After all, don't you think it seems infinitely more plausible than its opposite... oblivion?"   -Glenn Gould