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Records Misassigned to *Glenn* Gould (fwd)

Lori Lalonde asked about a disc that might have been Morton Gould rather
than Glenn Gould. I'm reposting a number of misidentifications.

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Date: Sat, 9 Nov 1996 17:04:13 -0500 (EST)
From: frank@clark.net
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Subject: Records Misassigned to *Glenn* Gould

  My thanks to Jerry and/or Judy Bidoc (?) for checking out the online
  Music Boulevard in Wayne, PA. I have gone through the list and deleted
  items I know are Glenn Gould. Most of the others are
  Morton Gould. Morton is mostly a forgotten man now, but the confusion 
  existed in the 1976 March _Gramophone Classical Catalog_ (England),
  where a budget label Victrola VICS 1669 contains
  the following works of Gershwin:
  Porgy and Bess Suite (arr. Robert Russell Bennet), Bennet, RCA SO
  An American in Paris, Berstein, RCA SO (rec. 1949)
  Rhapsody in Blue, G. Gould, M. Gould Orch.
  Prelude 2, L. Pennairo, piano

  The disc was reviewed in the 1965 Feb. issue of _The Gramophone_. 
  The artist index in the back says RCA *Victor* SO for the first item.
  The Bernstein item is genuine, for he was recording for
  Victor at the time.

  Here are the spurious Glenn Goulds, with my comments:
       American Dancer
       (Koch International Classics #7600 , Released 06/18/96 )
       Composer(s) * Samuel Barber * Leonard Bernstein * Aaron Copland *
       Glenn Gould * DELLO-JOIO * GRIFFES * MENOTTI
       CD $ 10.99  [Order Now]
  Almost certainly Morton. Not in my Opus catalog.

     Air Power; Holocaust Suite
       DELLO JOIO Glenn Gould
       (Koch International Classics #7020 , Released 11/09/90 )
       CD $ 14.99  [Order Now]
  Morton's Holocaust Suite

       American Portraits
       (Koch International Classics #7233 , Released 10/07/94 )
       Composer(s) * Aaron Copland * IVES * HANSON * COWELL * STILL *
       Glenn Gould * THOMPSON * MOROSS
       CD $ 4.49  [Order Now]
  Almost certainly Morton

       Andante Languido; Concerto Grosso; +
       FLAGELLO GIANNINI Glenn Gould
       (Albany Records #143 , Released 01/25/95 )
       Conductor * AMOS / NEW RUSSIA ORCHESTRA
       CD $ 15.49  [Order Now]
       CD $ 15.49
  Has Morton's Harvest for Orchestra

       [----------]                                         [Cover Art]
       Appalachian Spring; Fall River  [Sound Sample]
       Aaron Copland Glenn Gould
       (BMG/RCA Victor #61505 , Released 05/11/93 )
       Conductor * Glenn Gould * Aaron Copland
       CD $ 10.99  [Order Now]  Cassette $ 6.49  [Order Now]
  Morton conducting the ballet suite from his Fall River Legend

       [----------]                                         [Cover Art]
       Billy The Kid; Grand Canyon Suite  [Sound Sample]
       Aaron Copland GROFE
       (BMG/RCA Victor #61667 , Released 05/11/93 )
       Conductor * Glenn Gould / MORTON GOULD ORCHESTRA
       CD $ 10.99  [Order Now]  Cassette $ 6.49  [Order Now]
  Morton conducting works of Ferde

       Concerto Grosso No. 1; Israeli Melodies; E
       BLOCH CHAJES Glenn Gould PARTOS
       (Centaur #2140 , Released 08/18/95 )
       Performers * LEIFER * ZUMSTEG * SCHRADER * ILMER
       CD $ 15.49  [Order Now]
  Heatherington conducting Morton's Holocaust Suite

       Fall River Legend; Interplay; +
       (BMG/RCA Victor #61651 , Released 11/09/93 )
       Conductor * MITCHELL * Glenn Gould
       CD $ 10.99  [Order Now]
  Morton conducting the ballet suite from his Fall River Legend

       Lincoln Portrait
       Aaron Copland
       (Vanguard Classics #4037 , Released 09/14/93 )
       Conductor * ABRAVANEL * Glenn Gould
       CD $ 10.99  [Order Now]
  Maurice Abravanel conducting Morton's Latin American Symphonette

       Piano Works
       Aaron Copland Glenn Gould George Gershwin
       (Everest (Koch) #9003 , Released 09/26/94 )
       Conductor * STEINBERG * SUSSKIND
       CD $ 13.49  [Order Now]
  Walter Susskind conducting Spirituals for Orchestra

       Silks & Rags
       (Cema/Capitol #54131 , Released 10/15/91 )
       Conductor * Glenn Gould / GREAT AMERICAN MAIN SAINT
       CD $ 14.99  [Order Now]
  I cannot trace this. Must be a non-classical record

       [----------]                                         [Cover Art]
       Spirituals; Medea Suite; Fall Ri
       Glenn Gould Samuel Barber
       (PGD/Polygram Classics #32016 , Released 02/12/91 )
       Conductor * HANSON / Borchgrevinck
       CD $ 14.99  [Order Now]
  Howard Hanson conducting the ballet suite from Fall River Legend.  
  This is a Mercury recording.

       Symphony No. 1; Fall River Legend
       THOMPSON Glenn Gould
       (Koch International Classics #7181 , Released 04/30/93 )
       CD $ 14.99  [Order Now]
  A. Shenck conducting the complete Fall River Legend ballet

       [----------]                                         [Cover Art]
       Symphony Of Spirituals; Concerto Viola; House
        [Sound Sample]
       (Albany Records #13 , Released 03/15/94 )
       Performers * GLAZER ROBERT (VIOLA)
       Conductor * Glenn Gould
       CD $ 24.99  [Order Now]
       CD $ 24.99
  Actually a two disc set of Morton's music, with Morton himself  
  conducting some of them.

       [----------]                                         [Cover Art]
       Symphony West Point; Symphony 4; Symphony 3
        [Sound Sample]
       (PGD/Polygram Classics #34320 , Released 08/11/92 )
       Conductor * ROLLER * FENNELL / EASTMAN WIND
       CD $ 14.99  [Order Now]
  Frederick Fennell (a great man and the best Sousa conductor except 
  possilbly Sousa himself) conducting Morton's West Point Symphony. 

       Trumpets In Stride
       (Summit #113 , Released 03/16/95 )
       Conductor * Glenn Gould / NEW YOUR TRUMPET ENSEMBLE
       CD $ 14.99  [Order Now]
  Cannot trace. Probably non-classical

       Two Pianos; Recuerdos; Concerto Fortepiano
       Glenn Gould BOLCOM Igor Stravinsky
       (Rene Gailly #87092 , Released 09/22/94 )
       Orchestra(s) * MOTT SISTERS
       CD $ 15.49  [Order Now]
  I can't trace this. May be out of print.

       Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
       (BMG/RCA Victor #60134 , Released 10/03/89 )
       Conductor * Glenn Gould / Chicago Symphony Orchestra
       CD $ 6.49  [Order Now]
  Morton conducting.
You can visit Music Boulevard at http://www.musicblvd.com.
  If we are going to do a complete discography, we had better include the 
  spurious recordings and catalogings!
  Here is an example of some discographic work in this regard:
Frank Forman and Kenzo Amoh, _Evgeny Mravinsky
Discography_, in the process of being revised


Glazunov: Symphony 8 in Eb, Op. 83
  WERM3-178 attributes the recording on Old Melodiya D
     01460/1 to Mravinsky, Leningrad Philharmonic,
     while Bennett attributes it to Boris Khaikin.
     Forman's copy of the disc reads Khaklin. Not
     included in this discography.

Prokofiev: Alexander Nevsky, Op. 78
  Samuel Samosud, Chorus and Orchestra of the USSR
     State Radio. Ludmilla Legostayeva, ms. Issued on
     Melodiya D 01273/4(1954), Colosseum(USA) CRLP 228,
     Westminster(USA) WN 18144, and Le Chant du
     Monde(France) LDXA 8133. The 1958 Artist Listing
     Schwann Catalog claims that Mravinsky conducted
     the Bolshoi Theatre Chorus on the Colosseum issue.
     Both the Melodiya and Westminster issues have been
     inspected, and there is no mention of Mravinsky.
     Not included in this discography.

Schubert: Symphony 9 in C, D. 944
  Spanish LP: Zafiro ZL 406(1983). The disc jacket
     states that Mravinsky conducted Leningrad
     Philharmonic on the recording and that the disc
     was manufactured under license from Melodiya.
     However, Mravinsky once told to Nevzorov that,
     while he was fond of and was much interested in
     this work, he never conducted it. As it turns out,
     the recording is that made by Alexander Dmitriev
     and the Leningrad Philharmonic, recorded in 1980
     and issued on Melodiya S10 16099/100 in 1981. Not
     included in this discography.

Shostakovich: Symphony 5 in d, Op. 47
  Both Hulme and WERM-426 incorrectly claim that Old
     Melodiya D 02283/4(1954) is a reissue of the 78
     rpm recording. In fact, D 02283/4 is the 1954

Shostakovich: Symphony 10 in e, Op. 93
  Colosseum CRLP 173(1954) claims to have been
     conducted by The Composer but was in fact
     conducted by Mravinsky.

Shostakovich: Symphony 12 in D, Op. 112
  Two issues, Artia MK 1589 and Urania 5162-CD claim to
     the world premiere performance 1961/10/1, with the
     composer attending. Paul Miller has confirmed that
     both are identical with JVC VICC 40123 and seem
     like studio recordings.

Shostakovich: Violin Concerto No. 1 in a minor, Op. 99
  The Hall of Fame recording, HOF 512 and SHOF 512
     (electronic simulated stereo), claims Leonid
     Borisovich Kogan as the violinist. It is in fact
     David Feodorovich Oistrakh.
KENZO: This is my very simple note.

[A note to my co-discographer about my revision.
But the situation is considerably more complicated
and will result in a very long note.]

Tchaikovsky: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 1 in
bb, Op. 23
  Richter recording: Vox S 16220, Bruno BR 41007,
     Period SH 341 and SHOST 2341, Everest SBDR 3345,
     and Supermajestic BBH 16220 are incorrectly
     labelled Kiril Kondrashin/Moscow Philharmonic
     Orchestra. They are in fact all
     Mravinsky/Leningrad Philharmonic recordings

ditto: Gilels recording: Czar Classics(? country)
     2603082(1993) is mislabelled with Dimitri
     Kitaienko/Leningrad Philharmonic and the coupling
     as Tchiakovsky Violin Concerto, Gidon Kremer,
     Mravinsky/Leningrad Philharmonic. In other words,
     the conductors were reversed.

"Tchaikovsky: Symphony 7, Concerto for Violin and
     Orchestra No. 1 (D. Oistrakh)  D 033449 52 (2
     rcds)."  This tantalizing possiblility comes from
     a joint English-Russian Melodiya flyer and poster.
     Alas, Shostakovich was meant. Those records are
     indeed in the discography.

Frank Forman