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Hello. My first contribution

I'm in Hampton UK. I'm new to the internet and new to an enormous 
appreciation of GG's genius. He really is the first performer of great 
music who, for me, is at least as important as the composer.My first 
experience of GG was when I happened on a German TV video of the 
Goldberg Variations and this stuck in my memory for some time. Last year 
I was sent a recording of a BBC R3 programme called "Private Passions" 
in which a well known person describes their favourite music . It was 
sent to me because the subject was the novelist Ian McEwan with whom I 
was at school. He gave such a compelling and,on hearing it, accurate 
description of GG's technique with the C minor Sinfonia that I had to 
acquire the CD. (The interviewer Humphrey Berkeley-son of Lennox- 
described the piece as "..the piano..and voice of Glenn Gould..")
Since then I have listened almost exclusively to the 7 GG CDs I now own 
and have a couple more on order!
      What comes after Glenn Gould?
      At the moment more Glenn Gould.
  I shall certainly return to the late  Beethoven Quartets. But here is 
a similarity. When I discovered them I was angry with myself for wasting 
thirty years.
 I could and should have discovered GG thirty years ago!