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Re: Four books containing chapters or interviews with GG

At 10:50 PM 26/01/97 -0800, you wrote:
>I suggest the following books because they were not written solely about 
>GG, unlike so much of the material we have been quoting:
>1) _Great Pianists Speak for Themselves_ by Elyse Mach (published before 
>1982), with an introduction by Sir Georg Solti, which gives the book 
>greater stature, I think. It contains the original (3 hr.) interview from 
>which excerpts were taken other authors subsequently. 
>2) _Virtuoso_ by Harvey Sachs (publ. before 1982), contains a chapter 
>(pp. 176-196) full of insight, plus a few famous photographs and an 
>original drawn portrait.
>3) _For the Love of Music-Interviews with Ulla Colgrass_ (publ. after 1982).
>  It contains some candid questions and answers (GG's) covering some widely 
>  divergent subjects. Very interesting reading.
>4) _The House of Music-Art In An Era of Institutions_ by Samuel Lipman 
>(publ. after 1982). Lipman is a highly qualified musician and critic.
>   (pp.79-95), A critique of GG's repertory and interpretation. Not 
>quoted elsewhere, and very interesting ideas.
>I hope the group will pursue this material, as I think it very profitable 
>reading and engrossing, too.
Can I add, if they haven't been mentioned before:

 "On innovative music(ian)s" by Richard Kostelanetz (Limelight Editions, NY,

 the Jonathan Cott books ("Forever young" and "Conversations with Glenn
Gould" - both sourced from his original 2-part interview published in
Rolling Stone in 1974)


"Reflections from the keyboard: the world of the concert pianist" by David
Dubal (Summit Books, NY, 1984).

As an ephemeral aside, there is also Gould's chapter about Toronto in
"Cities - from the television series" (Angus & Robertson, 1981) and Thomas
Bernhard's "The loser" novel, based on Gould, which I'm sure has been raised
on this list before. 

Gould also receives attention in Evan Eisenberg's "The recording angel:
music, records and culture from Aristotle to Zappa" (McGraw-Hill, NY, 1987)
and gets brief mention in John Rockwell's "All American music: composition
in the late Twentieth century" (Knopf, NY, 1983).

Hope this helps the bibliographies.


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