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Re: Goldberg opinion

Salutations Jorgen:

My first recording of Gould was the 1981 Goldbergs, and it was a tough
choice. (I think the shop staff were beginning to give me funny looks, I
stood there so long!) I eventually chose the 1981 because as an artist,
Gould chose to rerecord the work, and must have had a reason for doing so.
Hence my choice of the latest recording. I picked up the 1955 Goldbergs
about three months later, feeling very extravagant because I already owned
a recording of them - but they might as well be different works to me now.
I can't claim a favourite; it really depends on the mood I'm in. The
passion and intense drive in the 1955 recording is just as seductive as
the lingering graceful space he gives the 1981 recordings. Depends on how 
the day has gone, what time of day it is... and which Gould I want to 
play for me.

I'll think on it some more, though.

I woke up to a CBC broadcast of Gould playing the opening of the fourth
English Suite this morning. This is a good day - and, interestingly enough, 
I'm listening to the 1955 Variations right now.