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Re: Goldberg opinion

> To make a long story short: 1. Do any of you have opinions concerning
> the 1955 and 1981 "Goldberg variations"?

My opinion is that each shows a different side of Gould.  The 1955 
version reflects the eager young spirit full of energy and fun.  (Try 
falling to sleep to this version and see what I mean.)
On the other hand the 1981 version is more introspective, more 
calming, and as Gould points out in "Gould Plays Bach: Goldberg 
Variations" all the variations seem better related to the original 
theme.  I do not prefer one over the other.  I will listen to the one 
which suits my mood at the time.
> 2. Do any of you have opinions concerning the three fugues from "The Art
> of Fugue" as showed in the "Glenn Gould Plays Bach" series?
I love Gould's analysis of the Em Partida in this.  It epitomizes what 
he once said about his writings.  (Loosely paraphrased) "People may 
not know what I'm saying, but they sure feel elevated."  What is 
remarkable is how he plays the piece while he is analyzing for Bruno.  
Truly a sign the Gould could use the two sides of his brain at once 
with equal precision.

Lori Lalonde