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RE: Goldberg opinion

Hi Jorgen and friends -

The comparison between the 1955 version and the 1981 version
of the Goldberg Variations is of course an interesting subject,
but I am more interested in the one between the 1955 and
the *1954* CBC broadcast version:

   CBC Records PSCD 2007 
   (broadcasted/recorded June 21, 1954)

Have you listened to it?

When I listened to the very early performance, 
I was shocked and felt a bit embarassed: 
why was he so emotional?
It's far from his detached character!

What happened between 1954 and 1955?
What do you think?



P.S. In the linernotes, William Aide says:
"Critics are mistaken if they consider this performance 
an example of juvenilia.  Fully realized and virtually note-perfect 
in one take, it functioned as a pmup-primer to the 1955 debut 
recording, which may be understood as take two. As he never 
discarded a laundry list, Glenn Gould never disowned, except in 
wisecracks, his early bold self.  His egagement with the Goldberg 
Variations created the myth of first and last--the evening sobriety 
and remote religious feeling of the last embracing the glad morning 
of his recorded debut.  Now this, its predecessor, enters the 
circle, and we are lucky to have it."