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Re: Goldberg opinion

    Let me quote Jens Hagestedt in his book "Wie spielt 
    Glenn Gould". On page 12 he writes (freely translated): "Unworthy is also 
    the meditative, restrained profunditiy, that Gould achieves in the last 
    unfinnished contrapunctus of the "The Art of fugue"...".

Unworthy?  I don't understand.

Personally, like you, I find those Art of Fugue pieces (1, 2, 4, 15) in
the Monsaingeon videos to be extraordinary ...  I've listened to many
piano recordings of A.of.F. and I profoundly regret that Gould never
recorded the complete work on piano; for me, no one else has come close
to what he achieved in those excerpts ...

(My favorites of the ones I've heard are Charles Rosen and Joanna
Macgregor, FWIW.)