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Q about 32 Short Films

Hi everyone,

I just joined this list and am glad to see so much enthusiasm for Glenn 
out there.  I first got interested in him when I was watching a short 
documentary on him and saw a picture of my church in it.  I guess Glenn 
had gone to my church when he was a child, though of course only the 
building is the same now.  Does anyone know a bit more about this?  The 
church is on Swanwick Ave. in East Toronto, and I'm not sure what it was 
called back then.

Actually, I had another question.  In 32 Short Films about Glenn Gould, 
does anyone remember the piece that was being played during that segment 
where all you see is the inside of his piano and the keys hammering onto 
the strings?  That was my favorite part in the whole film... Thanks

Brian Min