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Re: Q about 32 Short Films

Hi, Brian:
 That piece is the c-minor prelude from Book 1 of the
Well-Tempered Clavier by Bach.  CD318 executed it rather well,
don't you think?



On Thu, 30 Jan 1997 km29@cornell.edu wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I just joined this list and am glad to see so much enthusiasm for Glenn 
> out there.  I first got interested in him when I was watching a short 
> documentary on him and saw a picture of my church in it.  I guess Glenn 
> had gone to my church when he was a child, though of course only the 
> building is the same now.  Does anyone know a bit more about this?  The 
> church is on Swanwick Ave. in East Toronto, and I'm not sure what it was 
> called back then.
> Actually, I had another question.  In 32 Short Films about Glenn Gould, 
> does anyone remember the piece that was being played during that segment 
> where all you see is the inside of his piano and the keys hammering onto 
> the strings?  That was my favorite part in the whole film... Thanks
> Brian Min
> km29@cornell.edu