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Re: GG:Gibbons,Bunin

In message <9701290221.AA17469@ocean.isdgm.ve.cnr.it>, Livio Marangon
<livio@ocean.isdgm.ve.cnr.it> writes
>Hi all!
>Some days ago RIchard F. Makse wrote:
>Gould mentioned somewhere that his love of Gibbons developed from a hearing
>of a performance of anthems of Gibbons by the late Alfred Deller.
>Two years ago I looked for this record, but it wasn't available.
>Yesterday I was reading the new DGG catalogue and I found it in
>the new series called "codex". I'm going to pick it up ASAP!
>Anthems, Madrigals and Fantasies
>Deller Consort - Alfred Deller
>Violen Ensemble der Schola Cantorum Basiliensis - August Wenzinger
>(+ MORLEY: Madrigals - Ambrosian Singers, Denis Stevens)
>CD 453 166-2
I'm sure there are more Deller/ Gibbons recordings but these were
certainly his favourites of all time. Also some good recordings on Naxos
with the Oxford Camarata.

>About Bunin: some years ago I heard (on the radio) him playing Kempff's
>arrangement of the siciliana from a flute sonata by Bach (probably CPE).
>I really couldn't bear his rubato, and I thought the whole way of playing was
>lacking in what I would call "integrity".
>For the same piece, I like Dinu Lipatti very much.
>1. Do you know Dinu Lipatti? I think everybody who loves Gould loves
>   Lipatti too.

Well Lipatti was a complete and utter genuis, God of the keyboard. It's
hard not to love his playing.

>2. Do you know whether Gould has ever mentioned Lipatti?
Not as far as I can recall.

Neil Tingley